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"So the law was put in charge to lead us to Christ that we might be justified by faith" [in Him].

Galatians 3:24

A Snippet of some of Cathy's Topics Include:

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Stop Being Judgemental

Like it or not, everyone is judgmental. This doesn’t mean that we are all bad or indignant. Have you ever admired someone who had on an awesome outfit and complimented them? This equates being judgmental in a positive way but it’s still being opinionated – what a beautiful world it would if all our judgments were complimentary?

Staying Positive: A Good Thing

Have you ever wondered why everyone around you is getting blessed except you? You’ve become so frustrated because many of those that receive blessings galore don’t even pray or know the Lord. There is a remedy for staying positive while things around you seem amuck.

Trusting God: Is It Really That Simple?

You’ve heard the clichés and you’ve even read it in Scripture; yet there is something that seems to hold you back from simply trusting God. I have a clue about how it truly is simple to simply trust God.

Do You Really Trust God?

Do you really trust God but still worry? Don’t beat yourself up about it – you’re human. I’ll explore what we must do to increase our trust in God in difficult times.

Love Everyone, Hate the Sin

We’ve all had or have that one person that sets us off and work that last good nerve. We know better than to give away our power in anger but sometimes we just can’t seem to help it. But don’t snap off on them, try this first.

I'm About to Lose It

Life oftentimes throws what seems like unbearable curveballs. We may feel that if one more bad thing happens we will explode. Don’t explode, calm your nerves and rest in the comfort of our Savior. I’ll explain how.

Like Me, Like Me

Guilty of people pleasing? You’re not the first and probably won’t be the last. See yourself through the lens of biblical objectivity on this subject. If I were a betting woman I’d bet you’d think twice before you continue with the charade of always trying to please everybody after you consider one biblical account on this topic.

What to Do While Waiting on God?

You’ve been waiting on the manifestation of your prayer that lines up with the Word of God but He still has not answered it…or has He? There are some critical things you can do to determine if God has already answered your prayer. There are also some things to do while you tarry on the Lord.

Loving the Obstinate One

Come on, let’s face it. Some people are easier to love than others but we should learn to properly deal with that difficult person who is still developing. Think about it: we’re all still developing spiritually so there should be no stone throwing.

Why We Should Not Submit to Depression

No one is excited and pumped up all of the time. Sometimes we have legitimate reasons for sadness – mourning the passing of a loved one, receiving news of a terminal illness, or the loss of a home (foreclosure, natural disaster, etc.). Consider one biblical character: Job.

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